Abandoned Dog Rescued From Hi-Kill Shelter

An abandoned dog named ‘Covid’ rescued from high-kill shelter in Texas!
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Disabled Pets Day - 05/03/2021

Benton the Great Pyrenees and Boone the disabled raccoon are best friends helping each other make it through life with a positive attitude!

The duo lives at Nolin River Wildlife Sanctuary in Glendale, Kentucky — a sanctuary dedicated to nursing wild animals back to full health. Disabled Raccoon Walking on His Own Thanks to His Dog Best Friend and Student-Made Wheelchair.

"Boone was diagnosed with a rare disorder, cerebral hypoplasia, that makes it very difficult for him to get around," Mary Key, Nolin River's founder, tells PEOPLE. "He came to us as a baby, and when it was time for him to start walking, I noticed there was a problem."


Mudi Monday

Mudis are Hungarian Farm Dogs
Temperament: Loyal, Intelligent, Active
Life Expectancy: 12-14 years


He was watching her and she knew it.
She couldn't see him, she couldn't hear him, but he was there.
She could feel him. ― Arti Manani