one of the most well known dog shows in the world,
hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, will air on Channel 4.
The show was founded in 1879 and is held annually since 1933.
The show is sanctioned by the AKC. Only purebred dogs can compete.
There are 208 AKC breeds and varieties, split into seven different groups.

In 2019, THOR, the BULLDOG, shown above, won BEST in Show.
GOOD LUCK to this year's WINNER!

Sub Q Fluids

Two - Easy to Follow Videos - on How To Give Your CAT IV Fluids

Devil Dogs

Happy Birthday Marine Corps!

The BULLDOG is the USMC mascot The term "Devil Dog" is a very common nickname for Marines. "Devil Dog" is a term of endearment - a title of honor.

Wednesday Wisdom

Old men simply need to touch
The brow of a dog,
To look into its eyes
To feel its lick
So that they may experience again
The freshness and joy of life.
– A Thousand Hounds, Merritt and Barth