Saturday, April 28, 2018


"I don't need catnip for a high.
I'm satisfied with being near the ceiling!"
- Cy

Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018

Time For A Nap

When you can't figure out what to do, it's time for a nap.
- Mason Cooley

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Last time I saw her,
she was peeking out from one of the bookcases
next to the fireplace.
She's the first cat I've ever seen
trying to pretend she's a condensed version
of War and Peace
― Ellen Hart

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Woof Wednesday

POODLE: My life is a mess. My owner is mean, my girlfriend is leaving me for a German shepherd, and I’m nervous as a cat.

COLLIE: Why don’t you go see a psychiatrist?

POODLE: I can’t. I’m not allowed on the couch.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Freud N Cats - to set the record straight


Contrary to popular belief, Sigmund Freud (the father of psychiatry) did NOT coin this quote. 

It has been attributed to him erroneously. 

In a letter to his friend Arnold Zweig he wrote: "I, as is well known, do not like cats". 

As a matter of fact, Freud was an avid dog fancier and had many throughout his life and even in his psychiatric practice. 

One of his dogs, Jofi (pictured below) would know when the session was up, rise from his resting position on the floor and leave the room. When she did that, Freud told his patient that the session has ended. 


However, COLLETTE (pictured above) DID say: “Time spent with a cat is never wasted” a slightly different version of the Freud attributed quote. 

PDF version

I Like Lost

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Walk The Line

Purring Parcel Of Paradox

A cat is a purring parcel of paradox, 
a cunning collection of contradictions. 
A cat is lazy and busy, dainty and savage, 
affectionate and aloof, greedy and finicky, 
sound asleep in one instant, 
and awake and stalking in the next. 
A cat is a limp puddle of softness, 
surrounding a steel-hard 
and ever-alert set of muscles. ... 
A cat has the face of a pansy flower, 
and is just as velvety. 
A cat holds infinity in her eyes, 
and your heart in her front paws. 
- Leonore Fleischer

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I'm Only A Cat

I‘m only a cat, and I stay in my place… 
Up there on your chair, on your bed or your face! 
I’m only a cat, and I don’t finick much… 
I’m happy with cream and anchovies and such!
I’m only a cat, and we’ll get along fine… 
As long as you know I’m not yours… you’re all mine!
- Author Unknown

graphic source: clipart

To Call Him A Dog

To call him a dog
hardly seems to do him justice, 
though inasmuch as he had four legs, 
a tail, and barked, 
I admit he was, 
to all outward appearances. 
But to those of us 
who knew him well, 
he was a perfect gentleman. 
- Hermione Gingold

Monday, April 9, 2018

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hello Kitty, RN

Constant attention
by a good nurse
may be just as important 
as a major operation
by a surgeon. 
— Dag Hammarskjold

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Owl and The Pussy-Cat

A poem by Edward Lear

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money
Wrapped up in a five-pound note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above,
And sang to a small guitar,
“O lovely Pussy, O Pussy, my love,
What a beautiful Pussy you are,
You are,
You are!
What a beautiful Pussy you are!”

Pussy said to the Owl, “You elegant fowl!
How charmingly sweet you sing!
O let us be married! too long we have tarried:
But what shall we do for a ring?”
They sailed away, for a year and a day,
To the land where the Bong-tree grows
And there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood
With a ring at the end of his nose,
His nose,
His nose,
With a ring at the end of his nose.

“Dear Pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling
Your ring?” Said the Piggy, “I will.”
So they took it away, and were married next day
By the Turkey who lives on the hill.
They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon,
The moon,
The moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.

photo source: internet