There is no doubt that a dog is loyal.
But does that mean we should emulate him?
After all, he is loyal to people, not to other dogs.
- Karl Kraus

International Hug Your CAT Day

Have you hugged your CAT today?

Belling The Cat

BELLING THE CAT: One of the many fables
attributed to the Greek storyteller Aesop
concerns a meeting of mice. They are concerned
about a cat. One mouse has an ingenious idea:
tie a bell around the cat's neck so they can hear the cat
when it is coming. A wonderful idea but with a problem...
which mouse is going to put the bell
on the cat? The job would be suicide.
No one volunteered. The phrase belling the cat
is still in use today. It refers to any idea
that looks good on paper but is useless
in the real world.

DOG Haiku

haiku is a Japanese poem written in three lines 
traditionally evoking images of the natural world

Woof Wednesday

"Can't you shut that dog up?"
The boy gave me a pitying look.
"Not really," he said.
"Vlad's a believer in free speech.” 
 ― Joanne Harris

Cat N Pansies

Cats are intended to teach us
that not everything in nature 
has a purpose.
― Garrison Keillor

Happy Armed Forces Day!

Armed Forces Day is celebrated 
on the third Saturday in May. 
This year it will be celebrated on May 18;
a day to pay special tribute to the men 
and women of the U.S. Military.

"Grumpy Cat"

We mourn the untimely death of Internet Sensation
7 year old GRUMPY CAT. RIP sweet girl.


Those who wish to sing always find a song.
- Proverbs


Today is International Chihuahua Appreciation Day.

Feline Friday

The man who
will not defend
the honour of his cat 
cannot be trusted to
defend anything. 
― Robert Lynd

Feral Friday

After 6 weeks of age, a feral offspring, 
previously not around people and handled by them, 
will not be human friendly. You can adopt them, 
but you will not be able cuddle with them. 
Such is an example above. He is loved and well taken care of, 
but it is sad he is missing out on the human/pet bond.