National Pet Parents Day

Founded by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) in 2007,
NATIONAL PET PARENTS DAY was created from inspiration
in seeing the majority of their policyholders consider their pets
as part of their family. The holiday was celebrated this year on April 26th.


In my head, the sky is blue, the grass is green and cats are orange.
― Jim Davis

Shelters 'Overwhelmed' by Companion Seekers

"There is a downside to this feel-good story, however, because if the economic impact of the global coronavirus pandemic causes poverty, there might be an influx of pets being delivered to the animal shelters because people can no longer afford to take care of them. Also, those sick with the virus or deceased will not longer be able to care for their pets." 

Adoption Bonanza!

DOG Bite Prevention Week

Observed April 7th - April 13th

Dogs bite sometimes, people bite at all times, with their hurtful words.
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Dog Fighting Awareness


was established by the ASPCA 
to raise awareness about the prevalence of dog fighting in the U.S.,
reveal little-known truths about the blood sport,
and encourage animal lovers nationwide to take action
against this brutal form of animal cruelty.

Man is the cruelest animal. - Friedrich Nietzsche

The Shut In

The world is quiet here. ― Lemony Snicket